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EFI Lighting develops creative industry-ready solutions to reinvent lighting in automobiles. Light becomes a design, an experience, a sensation.

Who are we?

EFI Lighting is a subsidiary of the EFI Automotive Group founded in partnership with Brochier Technologies in June 2015.

We design and mass produce complete lighting assemblies compliant with automobile standards, integrating lighting surfaces or light guides and LED source modules.

EFI Lighting benefits from the automobile know-how of EFI Automotive in terms of product and process quality as well as a privileged access to the automobile market.

Backlighting surfaces

EFI Lighting uses Lightex® technology, a patented optical fiber weaving and surface treatment principle developed for the diffusion of light. Lighting fabrics from EFI Lighting provide homogeneous luminance over large surfaces. The optical fibers are connected to a LED module integrating LED sources, opto-coupler, power controller and connector.

Download the complete product datasheet (PDF)

Lighting surfaces: the advantages of our solution

EFI Lighting solutions offer customers a number of advantages:

Easy integration of lighting in car interior or exterior design, for example in a vehicle door, roof panel, dashboard or body

The possibility of customized shapes and complexing with other materials such as composites, glass or metal. Lighting and lining with just one layer of fabric (thickness < 1mm)

Negligible weight increase (300 to 600 g/m²) compared to solutions without lighting, meaning no influence on vehicle crash test specifications

A single side-emitting LED module for stable luminance over the entire surface (up to several square meters) without attenuation.

Light guides

The light guides are flexible tubes containing a bundle of optical fibers specially designed to diffuse light uniformly over their full length. Thanks to an innovative process, the luminous intensity is the same at every point. The light guides are available with different cross-section shapes for optimum integration. Round cross-sections are the most popular, with diameters between 2 and 4 mm.

Download the complete product datasheet (PDF)

Light guides: The advantages of our solution

Compared to lighting solutions using light tubes made of PMMA plastic materials, our products offers customers a number of advantages:

An exceptional lighting effect, included right from the design phase

A single light source at one end provides uniform and constant lighting over light guide lengths up to 3 m

A flexible and lightweight material (10 g/m)


EFI Lighting works together with you right from the preliminary design phase and on through the design-to-cost and industrialization of lighting assemblies compliant with automobile standards. Its engineering teams apply their expertise in light sources and assemblies to bring your innovative lighting ideas to life.

LED Module

Our LED modules can generate a number of colors using RGB LEDs or a single monochromatic color for higher luminous power. Module control can be analogue or via integrated LED drivers and a LIN interface.These LED modules benefit from the extensive know-how of EFI Lighting in optronics and mechatronics, using LEDs compliant with automobile standards, mass-produced electronic circuits and state-of-the-art packaging with soldered cables or integrated connectors.Automated soldering of cables using EFI Automotive’s proven know-how in connection technology.

Backlighting surfaces

Our lighting fabrics are the result of 15 years of acquired know-how and experimentation in the design world aimed at introducing a true differentiation in the vehicle interior lighting market. This know-how is based on numerous patents covering large-scale weaving of optical fibers, specific processes and the connection of a group of optical fibers to a single light source.

Light guides

Our light guides use a patented process for the insertion and processing of lighting fibers to produce a uniquely uniform lighting. EFI Lighting has developed test facilities that make it possible to check lighting characteristics over large surfaces or lengths. These resources are used to validate the specifications of the automobile industry.


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